General Questions

1How does the TOG System work?
The technology uses patented "Sweeping Sound Frequency" to effectively reduce particle reproduction, and retard and detach formation of biofilm.
2How does sound frequency work?
Sweeping Sound negates the pull factor for surface attachment by neutralising opposite charges between organisms and substrates; preventing any attachment from growing into threatening colonies.
3Is the TOG System really environmentally friendly?
Yes. The TOG System uses zero chemical and does not produce high heat or pressure. Handling of the TOG System requires no PPEs and is entirely safe for application.
4Other benefits of Sweeping Sound Frequency
Sweeping Sound interferes with the reproduction of cells and also places these organisms under stress, preventing growth and activities. This treats the root cause of marine fouling, minimising attack intervals from reproduction.
5What are the frequency parameters?
Over 10 million sets of alternate frequency transmit at random intervals, inhibiting the immunity of microorganisms.
6How long will the system work?
To date, early TOG Systems are still running since installation – 10 years as of 2022.
7How do I install the TOG System?
TOG System can be retrofitted to any required treatment area. No existing infrastructure will be modified and the system itself does not make contact with the water. A site scoping before installation is essential to determine the most suitable location(s) to install the system. The TOG Technical Manual provided offers an easy guide to safe and proper installation procedures.

Technical Questions

1How do I operate the TOG System?
There is no input or maintenance required to operate TOG. Once installed, the system runs automatically from a local power outlet.
2How do I know the system is working?
We encourage regular checks to ensure the system is operating correctly. You can ensure its performance and activity by checking the indicator lights on the Control Unit. If any problem is detected, you can use the TOG Diagnostic Tool to test the system to validate its working condition.
3How many systems are required on my site?
Depending on the application, with oil rigs as an example, each Control Unit with five (5) Activators will be sufficient to treat one (1) caisson pipe or jacket leg. Site conditions, pipe sizes and flow rates are keys to determining installation factors. Refer to the TOG Technical Manual for more specificiations.
4Does the system require much power?
No. The system uses minimal power and can run on solar power – if required.
5How long will the system work?
To date, early TOG Systems are still running since installation – 10 years as of 2022.
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