Equipped with patented Sweeping Sound Frequency (SSF) technology, the TOG System is an innovative and environmentally-friendly preventive solution to marine fouling and water treatment, including issues from caissons, conductors, casings, jacket legs and more.

With a low frequency sound (<5kHz) to treat particle matters such as microorganisms, biofilm and calcareous growth, each unit of the TOG System consists of a Controller and Activator, which can be scaled according to requirements. 

The Controller, also known as the Control Unit, is powered by a low voltage power pack (10VAC 1AMP) with a pre-programmed microchip to transmit more than 10 million sets of sonic waves at preset intervals. The sound emission creates a wave pattern, patented SSF, which is propagated to specific area(s) of treatment through the Activator.

Installation of the TOG System fits with any existing structures and can be transitioned online. No downtime and no shutdown required (in most scenarios) for set-up. 

Some of Our Clients

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Marine fouling can be considered the costliest ‘gift’ from nature – only control and prevention rather than eradication. In temperate waters, macro fouling has attributed to the oil and gas industry spending millions on maintenance and production downturn.

The TOG System can be easily installed on various offshore platforms, such as pump caissons, conductors, boat landings, jacket legs, vertical diagonal members matrix, horizontal braces and second bracing, etc. The smart innovation pulse within the system, regulating ‘continuous alternating frequency transmissions’, has proven to effectively control marine-organism activities through a sustainable period of time. 

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Biofilms are a collection of microorganisms that thrive together as a colony and considered the main culprit of many problems in the marine and water treatment industries. Keeping the growth of biofilms does not only save the sectors millions each year, but also prevent a potential bacteria spread in society. 

The TOG System works by removing the initial attachment layer (biofilm) that microorganisms attach itself onto to grow. By effectively removing the attachment layer, substances will be unable to nest and reproduce. TOG System as a solution will tackle problems with chemical dosing, filtration inefficiencies and contamination threats.